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The Ain't Sisters
Friday 5/17

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Fun, eclectic folk rock. Fronted by the deliciously androgynous duo Arrie Bozeman and Barb Carbon, the Aints deliver high-energy performances of their wildly diverse original music. Joined by the hardest working men in rock n Roll, Richie Jones on the Boom Chick thwackita whackita, and Justin Boudreau, aka BooDreamy, masterfully holding down the rhythm section and making everybody swoon with their gorgeous licks. Think Indigo Girls meets Dream Theater but with a little Birdcloud in the mix. 

If ya ain’t sisters, what are ya?

Musicfest News calls The Ain’t Sisters “A legendary must-see.” Described by Holler magazine as "A jolt of energy," their sound is perhaps best summed up by Chat GPT: “The Ain’t Sisters’ music is so eclectic they can play you down the aisle at your wedding and fight your ex at the Waffle House parking lot all in the same night.”

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