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Mushroom Soup

Thursday 5/16

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Hear the best renditions of the Allman Brothers and Gregg Allman Bands! We play the music the right way not our way. You will hear your favorite tunes played in the same arrangements as The Allmans themselves! Hear your favorite tunes like Statesboro Blues, One Way Out, Ramblin Man, Melissa, Elizabeth Reed, and much more. We even cover Gregg’s material, i.e., Queen of Hearts and I’m no Angel for instance! We have pedigreed players in this band…. 

Tad Isch, Founder, drummer and assistant Music Director. Tad worked as personal drum tech and played next to Butch Trucks in the Freight Train Band. He was fondly named “the other other drummer” by Warren Haynes of Mule, (Jaimoe being “The other drummer). Tad's time with the Allmans watching those three drummers close up was quite and education for him, then touring and playing besides Butch allowed him to bring what he has learned to this band! Tad also headed which ended with the advent of Covid.  

Bobby Croft: Bass Guitar…Stage Music Director for SOUP. We are very lucky to have him…Assistant to Tom Dowd, played in Derek Trucks Band, produced major National Gold record acts, Great person and elite player! As our Music Director he is molding this band into something special! Stay tuned! 

Tim TC Chandler, Macon Ga, Tim had his touring band TC and the troublemakers, a well-known band around the florida parts. Tim is our lead singer and is exceptional at his role plus his guitar work is stellar.


Todd Williams…T-Willy …Todd has the feel needed to play this music properly. He has recently learned Slide Guitar and is shockingly good in a short amount of time! Todd, known as T-Willy around Tampa is a well-known in demand player. We are lucky to have him!


Michael Loman, our newest member, plays a mean keyboard.  Born in New York, this amazing keyboard player started playing Hammond organ at age 12.  Now a seasoned professional with years of international tours and recording, he brings the true Gregg Allman sound to the band.

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