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Row Jomah
Friday 5/17


Row Jomah is a five piece band from Clearwater, Florida that will change your perception of what rock music is and could be. Using basic rock instrumentation, Row Jomah weaves a tapestry of classic rock, acoustic rock, fusion, world, funk, blues and folk music into a show that you are not soon to forget. With thought-provoking, shredding lead guitar from Melbourne Walsh, intricate bass lines from Vinny Svoboda, solid and creative drumming from Dylan Chee-A-Tow, perfectly blended keys from Austin Llewellyn and unique rhythm guitar lines and vocals from Joe Roma, you have to see Row Jomah just once to realize you're seeing something just a little different from the usual around the Tampa Bay area. With planned frequent special guests, the sound will only go into areas and places you won't anticipate, so come check them out at their next gig around the Tampa Bay area!

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